Teacher desk position

The position of the desk must be as shown in the pictures on the right slideshow.

Changes to its position can be made just in special circumstances and need the approval of the IT department and the Headteacher of the school. Changes can be made just in school breaks (winter and summer)

Notebook Trolley

The notebook trolleys must be managed with attention and in an organized matter.

After using, all notebooks must be put back and plugged into the charger provided for every space. You must make sure that the notebooks symbol is corresponding with the symbol of the trolley as shown in the second picture.

Pupils are not allowed to manage the trolleys without permanent teacher supervision as the trolleys are connected to electricity and can be considered a risk.


Whiteboard with electrical height adjustment.

1. The area below the whiteboard (Marked as black and yellow in picture nr.1) has to be clear without any obstructions. No objects should be placed behind the whiteboard or on the frame.

If the whiteboard touches anything during vertical movement please stop it and contact ICT department to prevent damages or injuries.

2. Risks and potential hazards: Anything located under the interactive whiteboard can be damaged or can take the whiteboard out from the frame brackets.

3. In case the adjustable frame accidentally reaches the teacher desk or any other object, to force even more the motor can break or bend the steel brackets. This may cause the interactive whiteboard to fall off​

Cables, speakers and other parts of the interactive whiteboard have been installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Moving them or anything connected to them may cause to malfunction.

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